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  • C30-MC30-M

    The class C30-M locomotive is designed for heavy shunting and line service on lines and sidings with a 1520mm gauge. The six-axle diesel locomotive with an axle load of 23 tons features electric AC/DC power transmission. The locomotive is designed as a hood unit type with a cab tower installed closer to the rear face of the main frame. Its wheelset arrangement is C'o C'o and the vehicle’s maximum speed is 100 km/h. The locomotive was created by a complex modernization of the original class C30 locomotive (or derived types).

    Track gauge 1520 mm
    Meets the standards EN
    Number of powered axles 6
    Wheelset arrangement C'o C'o
    Maximum operating speed 100 km/h
    Minimum curve radius 80 m
    Power transmission AC/DC
    Diesel engine CAT 3512C
    EU Stage IIIA
    Engine output 1550 kW
    Maximum towing capacity 436 kN
    Nominal weight 138 t
    Axle load 23 t
    Compressor output 252 m3/h
    Fuel tank volume 11 000 l
    Climate class -40 to +40 ºC

    Benefits and advantages

    • Reliability
    • Significant reduction of operation and maintenance costs
    • Extended locomotive service life
    • Ecological operation – emission limits EU Stage IIIA
    • Modern concept
    • Use of unified solutions
    • High comfort and operator safety
    • Excellent field of view


    • Multiple control
    • Spacious and safe platforms for shunters
    • Electro-dynamic brake (EDB)
    • Air drier
    • Wheel slip protection
    • Option to fit a radio remote control
    • Option to fit an anti-skid device

    The main frame is mounted on two three-axle bogies, between which a fuel tank is located. The drive unit is mounted on the locomotive in the front hood. It consists of a Caterpillar 3512C diesel engine and a Siemens auxiliary traction alternator. The auxiliary alternator is powering electrically driven auxiliary drives (compressor with a cooler, traction motor cooling fans, etc.). Both of these machines are combined in one unit and through a common intermediate frame are mounted on the main frame of the locomotive. The power transmission from the engine to the powered wheelset is electrical, AC/DC and comprises a traction alternator, a rectifier and six original traction motors. The traction motor is individual for each wheelset, on which it is mounted using bearings. The front hood space includes most of the auxiliary drives, engine cooling block and a pneumatic unit. The rear hood space includes electric switchboards and two electro-dynamic brake (EDB) blocks. The power output control and the control of the entire locomotive is ensured by the electronic control system. The locomotive is fitted with three DAKO pneumatic brake systems, a mechanical hand brake (parking) and an electrodynamic brake.


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