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  • EffiLiner 3000EffiLiner 3000

    The EffiLiner 3000 electric locomotive is primarily designed for line service on national and regional railways. The parameters of this modernised, two system locomotive, initially termed ‚Class 12‘ is optimised for medium power.


    Track gauge 1 435 mm
    Meets the standards TSI
    Number of powered axles 4
    Wheelset arrangement B'o B'o
    Maximum operating speed 120 km/h
    Minimum curve radius 100 m
    Voltage system 3 kV DC / 25 kV 50 Hz AC
    Engine output 2910 kW
    Maximum towing capacity 225 kN
    Nominal weight 85 t
    Axle load 21,25 t
    Compressor output 252 m3
    Climate class -25 to +40 ºC

    Advantages and Benefits

    • high reliability
    • low operational and maintenance costs
    • environment friendly
    • application of unified solutions
    • high comfort and crew security
    • excellent visibility
    • service period: 15 000 km / 2 months


    • digital control system
    • automatic speed regulation
    • remote monitoring through GSM and GPS technology
    • multiple control
    • Mattei compressor
    • air dryer
    • anti-skid protection (upon traction)
    • wheel slip protection (upon braking)

    The locomotive‘s undercarriage consists of two 2-axle bogies with all wheelsets driven individually. The traction motors are fixed and the torque is transferred by the help of flexible couplings. The locomotive‘s hood is fit by spring coils on two 2-axle bogies. Draw gear enables the transfer of vertical forces from the bogies to the hoods and back. An almost symmetrically arranged engine room with traction converters, the traction converter and traction motor cooling modules, brake resistors, pneumatic block, and low voltage distributor, is located between both cabinets. Two collectors ensure power transfer from overhead lines. The current runs from the collectors to the traction transformer through a 25kV 50 Hz AC power system. Traction converter power flows directly from the 3kV DC network. When powered by a 25kV 50 Hz AC network, two traction converters, one for each bogie, are powered from two secondary winding transformers. The converters are fit with IGBT transistors, which enable continuous power regulation in both operating and braking modes, including recuperation. The locomotive has three air brake systems (train/indirect brake, locomotive/direct brake, additional brake), a mechanical hand brake and a dynamic brake (EDB). The train/direct brake is the DAKO-GP system, which operates in both
    freight and passenger modes.

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