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  • Effishunter 1600Effishunter 1600

    Diesel locomotive EffiShunter 1600 is intended for shunting and line service. The locomotive is equipped with alternating/direct current power transmission (AC/DC) from the diesel engine to six powered wheelsets. Parameters of the vehicle are optimized for station shunting and for heavy operation on industrial sidings, e.g. in metallurgical, mining and petrochemical sectors, and for the line service.


    Track gauge 1 435 / 1524 mm 1520 mm
    Meets the standards TSI GOST
    Number of powered axles 6
    Wheelset arrangement C'o C'o
    Maximum operating speed 90 km/h
    Minimum curve radius 120 m
    Line category C2
    Lateral compatibility 3
    Power transmission electric AC/DC
    Diesel engine CAT 3512 C-HD CAT 3508 B
    EU Stage IIIA II
    Engine output 1550 kW 970 kW
    Maximum towing capacity 383 kN
    Nominal weight 115,2 t 126 t
    Axle load 19,2 t 21 t
    Compressor output 252 m3 360 m3
    Fuel tank volume 4500 - 5000 l
    Climate class -40 to +40 ºC -50 to +40 ºC

    Advantages and Benefits

    • high reliability
    • low operating and maintenance costs
    • environmentally friendly operation
    • modern concept and design
    • application of unified solutions
    • high comfort and operator safety
    • excellent visibility
    • spacious and safe platforms for shunters
    • service period: up to 10 000 km / 2 months


    • digital control system
    • automatic speed control (ASC)
    • remote monitoring by means of GSM and GPS technologies
    • multiple control
    • air drier
    • electrodynamic brake (EDB)
    • antiskid device (by traction)
    • deformation elements

    Equipment on demand

    • rolling fitting of traction motors
    • wheel slide protection (by breaking)
    • remote radio control
    • automatic shunting coupler
    • camera system

    The undercarriage of the locomotive comprises two three-axle bogies with individual drive of all wheelsets. The traction motors are nose-suspended on the axles using sliding or roller bearings. The drive unit is located in the front hood and comprises of the Caterpillar diesel engine and the Siemens traction alternator. The front hood space includes most of the auxiliary drives, engine cooling block and the pneumatic unit. The rear hood contains electric switchboards and the electrodynamic brake block. The power regulation and control of the entire locomotive is ensured by the control system made by MSV elektronika with cruise control or automatic speed control (ASC) function and remote diagnostics by means of GSM and GPS technologies. The locomotive is equipped with a DAKO air brake, a parking (hand) brake and an electrodynamic brake (EDB).

    EffiShunter 1600 maďarského dopravce CER Hungary. Autor: Gergő Kalmár.
    Effishunter 1600 autor HannuLehikoinen
    EffiShunter 1600 autor Martin Šarman
    EffiShunter 1600
    Effishunter 1600
    Effishunter 1600 řídící pult
    Effishunter 1600
    Effishunter 1600

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