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    HybridShunter 400HybridShunter 400

    HybridShunter 400 reacts to the current trends in the design of shunting locomotives. The plug-in hybrid drive primarily uses a traction battery. Backup charging is then provided by an additional diesel engine. The advantage of this model is minimal noise and zero emissions at its place of operation. This will be appreciated by operators especially in urban agglomerations and closed halls.


    Track gauge 1 435 mm
    Meets the standards TSI
    Number of powered axles 2
    Wheelset arrangement Bo
    Maximum operating speed 60 km/h
    Minimum curve radius 80 m
    Line category D2
    Lateral compatibility 1
    Power transmission hybrid AC/AC
    Diesel engine CAT C4.4
    EU Stage V
    Engine output 444 kW
    Maximum towing capacity 147 kN
    Nominal weight 42 t
    Axle load 21 t
    Compressor output 126 m3/h
    Fuel tank volume 570 l
    Climate class -40 to +40 ºC

    Advantages and Benefits

    • environmentally friendly operation
    • hybrid technology
    • high reliability
    • low operating and maintenance costs
    • modern concept and design
    • application of unified solutions
    • high comfort and operator safety
    • excellent visibility
    • spacious and safe platforms for shunters


    • digital control system
    • online monitoring
    • multiple control
    • FLEXI-COIL suspension
    • Knorr oil-free compressor
    • roller bearings on traction motors
    • air drier
    • disc brake
    • stored-energy spring-actuated parking brake
    • anti-skid device (by traction)
    • deformation elements
    • ETCS

    Optional equipment

    • automatic shunting coupler
    • camera system

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