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  • About Us

    Company Profile

    “CZ LOKO's future is in providing complete service on-site at our partners and clients both domestic and abroad, and focusing on further expanding our export activities”.

    Josef Gulyas
    Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Board

    CZ LOKO – the complete solution for railway vehicle operation

    Based on experience and railway vehicle knowledge passed down for generations, we perform the following for our clients:

    • Construct new railway vehicles
    • Modernise existing railway vehicles
    • Repair railway vehicles
    • Provide guarantee and post-guarantee service of railway vehicles
    • Repair, construct and supply interchangeable parts for locomotives
    • Design, calculate, simulate and test
    • Arrange authorisations for railway vehicles in the Czech Republic and countries both in and out of the EU
    • Supply railways vehicles for hire
    • Execute relevant controlling, processing, education and revision work

    Our Way

    We have our own know-how in the domains of construction, renovation and maintenance of motive power and special railway vehicles that stems from the traditionally high standard of the Czech railway industry. Whole spectrums of highly-qualified professionals, for whom railways are a cordial affair, are integrated into every project. We have comprehensive technical facilities and the company’s full production capacity available to our projects. We cover any territory where our clients are located. We utilise effective management which enables a clear picture of the actual state in any step of a project’s development. Our flexible approach enables us to customise every project to the specific needs and requirements of each client. We pay close attention to the continual care of our vehicles including gathering and analysing operational data.