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  • Services

    Service and repair

    Continuous support for the operation of railway vehicles with the possibility of complete service of rolling stock.

    • CZ LOKO a.s. provides and performs warranty and post-warranty service of locomotives not only from its own production.
    • Effective solutions, professional approach and a high level of provided services are achieved through professionally trained staff with the support of high-quality facilities.
    • We respect customer needs and can design and maintain a tailor-made system of regular operational maintenance of locomotives and their units.
    • The management of the reliability system for key locomotive components leads to maintaining the required reliability and economy of operation.
    • By providing information and assessing the real technical state of your vehicles, we are ready to determine the need for minimum repairs.
    • We can systematically provide your vehicles with complete service from repairs to regular checks and tests according to applicable legislation.

    Repairs of locomotives

    … with a tradition since 1849.

    Based on generations of passing experience and knowledge of railway vehicles, CZ LOKO provides repairs of powered and special railway vehicles. The scope of vehicle repair can be tailored to the current requirements of specific deployment and customer needs. We perform periodic repairs prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer as well as special repairs – repairs of forced damage, etc. Performed repairs of railway vehicles are subject to the respective legislative requirements and are governed by the current certification.

    Powered railway vehicles:

    • Repairs of locomotives from CZ LOKO prodiction

    Special railway vehicles:

    • Repairs of universal motor trucks
    • Repairs of special rail machinery
    • Repairs of trailers

    Surface finishing and coating of vehicles using paints of renowned manufacturers

    • Cleaning, removal of old paint (blasting)
    • Painting of railway vehicles (coat: PUR I, PUR II, PUR III)

    Combustion engines:

    • Repairs of Caterpillar combustion engines
    • Repairs of MTU combustion engines

    Repairs and service of rotating electric machines

    • Škoda and ČKD traction motors
    • Repairs of CZ LOKO traction motors
    • Repairs of Siemens and ČKD generators and traction dynamos
    • Other auxiliary rotating machines

    Repairs of wheelsets

    • Repairs of wheelsets of electric and diesel-electric locomotives
    • Repairs of wheelsets of special vehicles
    • Repairs of wagon wheelsets

    Repairs of other parts and components

    • Electronic, electrical and mechanical vehicle parts
    • Gearboxes, compressors and pumps (injection, water, oil)
    • Hydraulic components and parts
    • Brake and air devices (switchboards, brake valves and other valves, …)
    • Towing and buffing gear
    • Checking and measuring instruments
    • Repair and refurbishment of spare parts

    Repairs of bogies

    • Repairs of CZ LOKO, ŠKODA, ČKD bogies