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    Values in CZ LOKO

    What are company values? Briefly speaking, the term refers to “a narrow set of company commandments that must be followed by the company’s people, distinguishing the company from its competitors.” Company values must be established using the top-down approach as, when it comes to values, it is particularly true that leading by example is the way to go.


    • Our company matters to us
    • I do not pretend I do not see as I am passing by
    • Active work attitude
    • Variety is the spice of life

    Responsibility is one of the most important characteristics that we can offer to CZ LOKO. On the other hand, CZ LOKO is responsible for all of us and will not leave us “hanging” in the toughest of times.

    They do care!


    • We want to be the market leader
    • Quality is the key to success
    • We do our work well and we stand behind our results
    • We know what and how we do

    A high-quality product is not enough to stand out in the highly competitive environment. We must realize that only high quality and job well done will guarantee a good reputation on the market, and we will automatically become #1 for our customers. Quality is #1 for CZ LOKO and job well done is adequately rewarded.

    You are our quality!

    Team orientation

    • We complement each other
    • We always pull the same end of the rope
    • We pull your business
    • We help each other

    You are also CZ LOKO!

    A bunch of good people, a good team – that is what makes CZ LOKO. We do not hold our cards close to chest. To be able to manufacture such a complicated machine as a locomotive, we must all help and support each other.


    • We communicate and resolve issues
    • We also treat each other with respect
    • It is better to discuss than to gossip
    • A friendly environment

    There is no space for unfair conduct in CZ LOKO, politeness is what we value! We are all on the same boat and we each have our responsibilities. However, we cannot do it without one another. Experience sharing across positions, departments and the company is one of the ways to propel forward CZ LOKO as well as all of us individually.

    Don’t be a hater, there are enough of those out there!


    • We constantly keep looking for new solutions, we develop our products
    • We keep up with the market
    • We want to be #1 in the field

    The world is evolving and so are we. What was true yesterday, can be turned upside down tomorrow. Unconventional, original solutions can help everyone. Simplification of processes, procedures, production.

    Do you have an idea? Tell us about it!