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    CZ LOKO has another order from the Balkans. The smallest EffiShunters are going to Serbia


    The Serbian national carrier Srbija voz that provides passenger transport in the country is planning to add two EffiShunter 300 locomotives to their vehicle fleet. This was decided in an international tender won by the Czech manufacturer CZ LOKO. Similar to Czech Railways that currently own 12 of these locomotives, the Serbian company is going to employ them in the stations and depots for shunting carriages and for train arrangement. Based on the contract, the locomotives are scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2021.

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    CZ LOKO continues to upgrade American locomotives for Estonian Operail


    The Czech company CZ LOKO will supply the Estonian freight carrier Operail with six more packets for complex modernisation of American C30 locomotives to Class C30-M. Representatives of both companies negotiated this exchange this week in Tallinn. It is the second contract within less than a year. The previous one was concluded last January and concerned four packets. Earlier, the company supplied three of these upgraded locomotives to Estonia.

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    CZ LOKO to take care of the Čepro locomotive fleet. It was selected as the winner of a tender for its full service


    CZ LOKO was selected as the winner of the maintenance and service tender and will, therefore, now be in charge of taking care of the dozen locomotives of ČEPRO, one of the major players in the domestic oil product market. The contract was concluded for a period of four years.

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    The first EffiShunter has ETCS. And the interest in them is growing both at home and abroad.


    EffiShunter 1000 produced by CZ LOKO became the first ever locomotive manufactured by us that is equipped with the European Train Control System (ETCS). Until now, no manufacturer in the Czech Republic has managed to install it. It will be operated in the colours of ČD Cargo, which received the first of five ordered vehicles today in Břeclav. The rest will follow by the end of the year.

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    The First EffiShunter 600 Locomotives Arrived in Turkey. They Travelled There on Tracks, Water and Road


    After a three-week trip that included rail, river and road travel, the first two of the six EffiShunter 600 locomotives arrived in Turkey in the second half of August. The trip from the CZ LOKO production plant in Jihlava to the Isdemir ironworks was free of any significant complications. The locomotives first reached the Bratislava port on their own wheels. From there, they travelled on board of a ship to Ruse, Bulgaria. Afterwards, they were loaded on a flatbed trailer and transported to the steelworks in Iskenderun, where they were handed over.

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    CZ LOKO has succeeded in Ukraine. It is to deliver four EffiShunter 1600 locomotives to ArcelorMittal steelworks.


    CZ LOKO achieved this significant export success at the beginning of July 2019, when it signed a contract to supply EffiShunter 1600 locomotives with the ArcelorMittal steel group. The four machines will be operated by the Ukrainian plant in Krivoy Rog. The delivery of locomotives is scheduled to take place in the second half of next year and direct financing will be provided by OPT Leasing Ukraine.

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    Oceanogate Italia orders class 741.7


    Oceanogate Italia, which provides rail transport for its parent group, the Contship Italia Group, is about to become the fifth operator of the 741.7 class locomotives in Italy. Oceanogate Italia is currently operating twelve locomotives - nine in line service and three for shunting. The order of the fourth shunting locomotive is associated with the gradual upgrade of Melzo RHM port. This terminal covering an area of more than 30 hectares has a capacity of 300,000 TEU per year. It also includes seven shunting tracks and a train set of up to 750 meters in length. At the same time, it is a key element of the so-called "Southern gate", serving to supply ground terminals in Italy, but also throughout the whole southern and central Europe.

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    Changes in the management of CZ LOKO, a.s.


    Dear business partners,

    We hereby wish to inform you about the changes in the management of CZ LOKO, a.s. Effective as of 14 May 2019, the existing Director of Purchasing and Logistics, Mr. Petr Zemek, was dismissed. The Business Director, Mr. Ing. Jan Kutálek, is now in charge of the Purchasing and Logistics division.

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    Rail Cargo Carrier received the first of two EffiLiner 1600 locomotives from CZ LOKO


    The number of operators of type EffiLiner 1600 locomotives made by CZ LOKO increased by the addition of the Austrian freight carrier Rail Cargo Group (RCC), whose representatives took over the first of two locomotives, designated 753.613, today in Česká Třebová. The other one, designated 753.614, will follow shortly in the course of May.

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    Personnel changes in the management of CZ LOKO, a.s.


    Dear Business Partners, we would like to inform you about the following personnel changes which have come into effect on 1 April 2019.

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    EffiShunters 300 from CZ LOKO head to the Balkans


    After thirteen produced EffiShunter 300 locomotives for the domestic market CZ LOKO succeeded with this type also abroad. In particular, the Serbian railway administrator Infrastruktura železnice Srbije a.d. will receive two of these machines in the course of next year. Both locomotives will be deployed mainly during closures. Therefore, they will be applied not only for shunting, but also at the front of lighter work trains.

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    Czech Railways received the twelfth EffiShunter 300 from CZ LOKO


    At the end of February, Czech Railways received the last of the twelve EffiShunter 300 locomotives ordered. CZ LOKO thus completed a significant contract whose performance started in September 2017. Czech Railways will use the new locomotives for shunting at stations and depots. They were purchased as a substitute for the not very reliable Class 714. In the specific operation of Czech Railways, they will be primarily used for passenger train arrangement and shunting for maintenance.

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    CZ LOKO will upgrade four more American C30 locomotives in Estonia


    CZ LOKO signed a contract with the Estonian national carrier Operail (formerly EVR Cargo) for the supply of packets for a comprehensive upgrade of four more C30 locomotives to Class C30-M. The contract was signed in the first half of January and will increase the number of upgraded locomotives of this class from three to seven.

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    The new EffiShunter 600 replaces the ČKD locomotive in Čepro


    The extensive rolling stock of the ČEPRO joint-stock company has been upgraded with the new EffiShunter 600 locomotive made by CZ LOKO.

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    EffiShunter 600 locomotives will head to Turkey


    CZ LOKO has been significantly successful in the Turkish market in recent months, when it succeeded in the tender process for the supply of shunting locomotives for the Isdemir steel plant. Based on a signed contract, six EffiShunter 600 locomotives will be produced next year. These locomotives will replace obsolete Soviet and Chinese engines, reducing the consumption of operating fluids, maintenance costs and increasing operator comfort. CZ LOKO will thus follow up on the supply of 744.704 – L18 and 744.705 – L19 Diesel locomotives that were received last year by the Erdemir steel plant, which, like Isdemir, belongs to the OYAK holding.

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    New vision of CZ LOKO a.s. brings changes


    CZ LOKO a.s., within its new strategic vision, made a change in the management of the subsidiary CZ LOKO Polska. The Chairman of the Board, Piotr Pytel, was replaced by Roman Stříž.

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    CZ LOKO signed contracts for more EffiShunters at InnoTrans. It will supply them to more carriers in Italy and Hungary.


    The Czech rail vehicle manufacturer CZ LOKO rates the last year of the prestigious InnoTrans trade fair, which took place in Berlin from 19 to 21 September, as exceptionally successful. At the trade fair, the company concluded new contracts for the supply of locomotives and also christened the 1000th locomotive produced in its modern history.

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    Special CZ LOKO Vehicles Will Run in the Sofia Metro


    In the middle of the week, two special vehicles designated MUV 74 M-S from the CZ LOKO plant in Česká Třebová are heading to Sofia. In the Bulgarian capital, the transport company Metropolitan Sofia will put them in operation in the metro during track maintenance. The first vehicle is equipped with a work platform for access to the overhead line. The other is fitted with a hydraulic arm and snow plough, as the metro line is partially routed on the surface. During September, staff training will take place in Bulgaria and the two vehicles will be put in operation.

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    Czech EffiShunter 1000 Conquers European Tracks


    CZ LOKO completed the delivery of five EffiShunter 1000 locomotives to the Italian company MERCITALIA Shunting & Terminal (MIST) belonging to Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane. This group, still under its previous name Serfer Servizi Ferroviari (SERFER), announced a tender for five shunting locomotives.

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    ŠKODA AUTO received two EffiShunter 500 locomotives from CZ LOKO


    The largest Czech car manufacturer renewed its locomotive fleet by receiving two new EffiShunter 500 locomotives from CZ LOKO. The acceptance took place on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, at the production plant in Mladá Boleslav, where both locomotives will be used for arranging whole trains with new cars.

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    Dinazzano PO receives more Class 741.7 locomotives from CZ LOKO


    On 19 January 2018, CZ LOKO, a.s. delivered two more Class 741.7 locomotives to Dinazzano PO in Italy. The handover took place in Regio Emilia in the Emilia Romagna region, where both locomotives will be operated at local intermodal transport terminals.

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    CER Cargo Holding buys more locomotives from CZ LOKO


    Hungarian carrier CER Cargo Holding expands its locomotive fleet with more locomotives from the Czech manufacturer of locomotives and special rolling stock CZ LOKO. The purchased locomotives are Class EffiLiner 3000 dual-system electric locomotive for CER Slovakia and Class EffiLiner 1600 diesel-electric locomotive for CER Hungary.

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    CZ LOKO Delivers 2 More Locomotives to Fennia Rail


    The fourth and fifth EffiShunter 1600 locomotives have been delivered to the Fennia Rail company by CZ LOKO on 25 October 2017. The locomotives will carry the Finnish designation Dr 18.

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    Lovochemie received the first Class 741.7 locomotive


    The biggest Czech producer of fertilizers, Lovochemie in Lovosice, supplemented its fleet of shunting locomotives with Class 741.7 produced by CZ LOKO. It is a fully modernized Class 740 engine from the locomotive fleet of Lovochemie, which, unlike its predecessor, provides site operators with a sharp reduction of operation and maintenance costs, mainly due to its high operational reliability and prolonged service cycles.

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    Czech Railways ordered 12 new shunting locomotives from CZ LOKO


    National carrier Czech Railways (ČD) rejuvenates and increases the efficiency of its fleet of shunting locomotives, which provide shunting of passenger sets and units in passenger stations. Old, unreliable locomotives with much higher consumption and maintenance costs will be replaced by modern diesel-electric shunting locomotives produced by CZ LOKO. The locomotives or, more precisely, their diesel engines naturally meet the strict environmental limits of the European Union and are classified as STAGE IIIB.

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    CZ LOKO opened a new market and entered Hungary


    Hungary has become another member country of the European Union entered by Czech locomotive manufacturer CZ LOKO. The first customer is CER Hungary Central-European Railway Transport, Trading and Service Co. This major Central European freight railway carrier purchased the EffiShunter 1600 locomotive for heavy-duty shunting.

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    CZ LOKO will supply SŽDC with special maintenance vehicles for half a billion CZK


    CZ LOKO was awarded a contract of the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) for the delivery of 50 new universal motor trucks (MUV) for a total of about 500 million CZK. The first one will be delivered in the autumn and the rest gradually over the next two years.

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    The first electric line locomotive EffiLiner 3000 runs in IDS CARGO colours


    The first electric line locomotive of CZ LOKO has its customer. Under the trade name EffiLiner3000, it is operated by the freight railway carrier IDS CARGO. The official handover took place yesterday in Prague.

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    CZ LOKO won a tender in Italy for the supply of five locomotives


    The win of CZ LOKO ended a global tender issued by the Italian company Serfer Servizi Ferroviari (SERFER) of the TRENITALIA group for the supply of five shunting locomotives. The tender took place from December last year to March this year and, from the group of competitors, it was the EffiShunter 1000 locomotive of CZ LOKO that was selected.

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