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    CZ LOKO launches an hourly locomotive rental service


    CZ LOKO, known primarily as a major manufacturer of diesel-electric locomotives and special powered vehicles, also offers a number of additional services – from complete servicing of vehicles and locomotive fleets to their financing. Now CZ LOKO decided to enter the field of short-term locomotive rentals. The service, provided by the previously operated rental company EasyRent, is called EffiRent and in its pilot phase offers the EffiLiner 3000 (Class 365) modern dual-system electric locomotive, which is approved for freight transport in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

    Our customers often say they need to quickly rent a locomotive for one or two days, so this flexible service is the right fit for them,” says Jan Kutálek, Sales Director of CZ LOKO.

    Thanks to EffiRent, carriers can react more flexibly to sudden increases in transport demand and, at the same time, test the benefits of a modern electric locomotive in a specific job.

    The basic hourly rental rate starts at EUR 70 and the exact amount depends on the volume of services provided. Another interesting choice for operators is the possibility of ordering a locomotive together with a driver trained for the specific class.

    EffiLiner 3000

    EffiLiner 3000

    EffiLiner 3000