Dinazzano PO receives more Class 741.7 locomotives from CZ LOKO


On 19 January 2018, CZ LOKO, a.s. delivered two more Class 741.7 locomotives to Dinazzano PO in Italy. The handover took place in Regio Emilia in the Emilia Romagna region, where both locomotives will be operated at local intermodal transport terminals.

“The first two Class 741.7 locomotives were delivered by CZ LOKO already in 2014 and long-term satisfaction with locomotives of this class led us to the decision to purchase two more. The locomotive meets all of our operational expectations and its reliability is really high.” said the General Manager of Dinazzano PO.

Dinazzano PO is an important business partner for CZ LOKO, a.s. Class 741.7 locomotives in a deep orange paint are an important reference of CZ LOKO for other companies engaged in rail transport.

“In Italy, we already have 7 Class 741.7 locomotives and at least 3 more will be delivered by the end of 2018,” said Jan Kutálek, Sales Director of CZ LOKO, a.s.

Class 741.7 four-axle shunting locomotives are designed primarily for shunting service and operation in container terminals, harbours, etc. They are also used by industrial companies with their own rail transport and construction companies engaged in railway engineering. They bring their operators mainly low operating and maintenance costs and easy control. CZ LOKO, a.s. offers these locomotives together with comprehensive maintenance, so-called full service, through its subsidiary CZ LOKO Italia. In Italy, these locomotives are also operated by SERFER, Terminali Italia and Francesco Ventura Construzioni Ferroviarie. They are also operated on Czech and Slovakian territory, e.g. by Arcellor Mittal, Severočeské Doly – Kolejová doprava, Agrofert, Strabag Rail and ŽSR. In addition, they are popular on Turkish territory, where they are used in ironworks and the Marmaray tunnel. The total number of operating locomotives of this successful Class 741.7 in the world is almost 50 units.

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