CZ LOKO Exposition at the Czech Raildays 2015 Trade Fair


The CZ LOKO Company has attended the sixteenth annual Czech Raildays Trade Fair in Ostrava, from June 16th to 18th, 2015. A number of business partners and prospective clients visited the CZ LOKO exposition. Further many material and component suppliers have met with purchasers and designers from CZ LOKO.

The new EffiShunter diesel-electric locomotive had its Czech première at this year´s Czech Raildays Trade Fair. This two-axle locomotive is designed for light shunting on a 1 435 mm railway gauge and can be customised to fit a 1 520 mm railway gauge.
The EffiShunter project evolved from experience with developing class 709, 719.7 and TME3 two-axle locomotives and modernising class 704.7, 797.7, 797.8, 724.7, 741.7 and 742.7 locomotives, all of CZ LOKO production.
The EffiShunter prototype was developed in the autumn of 2014 and was first introduced at the InnoTrans Berlin 2014 trade fair.
The locomotive passed the first stress test at the Třinecké železárny (Moravia Steel) sidings. Prior to arriving at Czech Raildays 2015, the locomotive will undergo test runs at Czech Railways, specifically the Brno Rail Vehicle Depot and the Praha Rail Vehicle Depot.
The locomotive is fit with automatic coupling. Its dimensions enable use on special railways, such as the Metro.
Following this trade fair, we will be present at the fifth annual international railway trade fair in Moscow, EXPO 1520, from September 2nd to 5th 2015.