CZ LOKO Seeks New Business in Iran


The CZ LOKO Company wants to take advantage of Iran's railway network modernisation and vehicle renewal plans. Therefore, the Company is participating in the International Transportation and Railway Industry trade fair, Rail Expo 2016, which is taking place from the 15th to the 18th of May. The Company's exposition itself indicates how important this market is. This is CZ LOKO's response to the decrease in business with railway companies in Russia and other post-soviet countries which have recently been facing economic problems.

“Our first dialogues were initiated even prior to any sanctions being lifted. Thus, the environment there is not completely unknown to us, but complicated nonetheless. We have introduced ourselves as a European producer of diesel-electric locomotives, and special railway maintenance and construction vehicles,” says Jaroslav Plhak, CZ LOKO's Sales Director. Here, the Company is primarily offering shunting locomotives with outputs of 330 to 1550 kW, and special purpose vehicles such as the universal motor truck and the contact line assembly vehicle. Each has its own detachable gear, functional equipment, and auxiliary devices.

“These vehicles meet even the strictest European railway norms and standards. Above all, they fulfill railway operators' high requirements in terms of reliability, low operating and maintenance costs, environmental impact, and unification. They are fully comparable with railway vehicles made by West European producers,” the Sales Director adds. He plans to pursue in the good name of Czech and Czechoslovak products, which historically have an excellent reputation in this country.
Iranian state railways is modernising not only its railway infrastructure, but also its railway fleet, which includes locomotives. In a country whose area spans over 1.6 million square kilometres, less than 11 percent of all transportation is covered by the railway network. This poses large potential for further development.