CZ LOKO Exposition at the Eurasia Rail 2016 Trade Fair in Istanbul


In support of its planned export activities, the CZ LOKO Company took part in the 6th annual Eurasia Rail trade fair, which was held 3 to 5 March 2016 in Istanbul.

CZ LOKO continues the successful launch of its 741.708-2 and 741.709-0 locomotives, which are a part of the security system in the Marmaray undersea tunnel. Attractive glass models of the EffiShunter 700 and 741.7 locomotives were the focus of this year’s exposition.
The Turkish Eurasia Rail trade fair is the third largest event of its kind in the world. Over 300 exhibitors presented at the fair, and 10 000 visitors entered its gates. Events such as conferences, seminars, and company presentations enriched this most significant Euro-Asia railway exhibition.