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  • CZ LOKO Introduces the EffiLiner 3000 Electric Locomotive


    The top-of-the-line EffiShunter 3000 shunting vehicle, the first electric locomotive of western provenance to be completely modernised in the Czech Republic, was introduced at the railway trade fair in Ostrava, Czech Raildays, by both Josef Gulyas, The General Director of the CZ LOKO Company, and Marie Vopalenska, The General Director of the Association of the Czech Railway Industry, ACRI.

    The two system, four-axle EffiLiner 3000 is designed for long-distance freight train shunting on 3kV DC and 25kV AC power circuits within the Czech Republic and other European countries with a 1 435mm gauge.
    “Now, we are able to provide Czech and European railway transporters a vehicle, which ranks among leading European vehicles, at a very interesting price. I believe this to be another impulse that will strengthen railway transport of goods,” Josef Gulyas stated and went on to appraise the level of cooperation and technical solutions provided by suppliers.

    Under CZ LOKO's leadership, over 10 Czech and Slovak railway companies, primarily ACRI members, participated in this project, which began three years ago, and has now reached its final stage. Initially, in April 2013, an obsolete Class12 electric locomotive was imported from the Belgian state transporter, SNCB, in order to be entirely modernised. Another 11 vehicles of the same class, all of which have been transported to the Czech Republic, are to ensue.

    According to Marie Vopalenska, the cooperation of Czech and Slovak companies gave rise to a locomotive that is easily able to compete with vehicles made by foreign producers. “We welcome every enrichment to what the Czech railway industry has to offer. The CZ LOKO Company is evidence of the capability and success that a traditionally Czech representative of railway machinery can create with strong foreign capital,” she added.

    Due to the EffiLiner project, the CZ LOKO Company has expanded its production programme, based initially on deisel-electric locomotives and special vehicles, by progressing into a further segment of modernisation. “We can now provide railway operators with the optimal solution for freight transport with independent electric traction, including complete after-purchase service,” explains Jaroslav Plhak, CZ LOKO's Sales Director.

    While modernising this locomotive, emphasis was put on improving original parameters, high reliability, low operational and maintenance costs, environment-friendly operation, safety, modern design, and utilising unified solutions. Its continuous power are constant for both power circuits, and that being 2 910 kW. The maximum speed was decreased from 160 to 120 km/h, as this locomotive is intended for freight transport. Its total weight of 85 tonnes remains the same.

    The complete bogies including traction motors and the hoods are all original. All other parts have been designed and constructed in accordance to current European standards.

    This modernised locomotive is newly fit with EVPU traction transformer and traction equipment, GINO ESE brake resistors including, of course, dynamic brake usage with a recuperation function, Alfa Union vaccuum alternating switch, Secheron direct current switch, MSV Elektronika superior control system, as well as anit-skid and anti-slip devices to protect the wheelsets, and new cabling in accordance with current norms. All auxiliary drives are now driven by asychronnous motors. The Oerlikon air brakes have completely been replaced with the new DAKO system.

    “These projects enable us, of course, to gain new experience, know-how, and new technology. However, they also open new job opportunities for current, as well as new, employees,” concludes Josef Gulyas.ng locomotives in operation worldwide.