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  • New vision of CZ LOKO a.s. brings changes


    CZ LOKO a.s., within its new strategic vision, made a change in the management of the subsidiary CZ LOKO Polska. The Chairman of the Board, Piotr Pytel, was replaced by Roman Stříž.

    After almost eight years, Piotr Pytel left the position of the Chairman of the Board and was replaced by Roman Stříž. There was also a partial change in the Supervisory Board and the CZ LOKO Polska headquarters moved from Gliwice to Katowice.

    “We now have a clearly defined strategy that will lead to better sales results in the Polish market. We surely have a lot to offer to this market and our portfolio of shunting locomotives has great potential in Poland. We wish to focus primarily on selling our smallest shunting locomotive, EffiShunter 300, with which we have already succeeded in the Warsaw Metro. We also offer larger EffiShunter 1000 locomotives that meet the latest TSI standards and are ideal for customers requiring interoperability and unification of the EU-wide technical solution. My other important task in Poland is to communicate our decision to end repairs of locomotives of the original ČKD production, especially Class T448. Instead of repairs, we are able to upgrade these vehicles to Class 741.7, which is fully approved in Poland. The same applies to Class S200 locomotives, which we can fully upgrade to Class EffiShunter 1600,” says the new Chairman of the Board, Roman Stříž, commenting on the current situation.