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  • CZ LOKO to modernize 25 class 742 locomotives for CD Cargo


    CZ LOKO won a tender to modernize more class 742 diesel locomotives for the largest domestic freight carrier CD Cargo. The contract provides for the delivery of 25 locomotives and an option for five more.

    The conclusion of the second contract was confirmed by Tomas Toth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CD Cargo. The first contract was for 50 units. If the carrier uses the option, it will have a total of 80 modernized class 742.71X machines. CZ LOKO also calls this class EffiShunter 1000M. 

    CD Cargo did not specify the contract value; in the previous contract, the work on one locomotive cost below CZK 42 million. The machines, built between 1977 and 1986, need to be modernized because of their unsustainability. Class 742 locomotives are the foundation of CD Cargo’s fleet, with 140 of them deployed daily. 

    CD Cargo currently has a total of 37 converted class 742.71X locomotives. This is a complete modernization, where only the main frame and chassis, which also undergo a major modification, remain from the original vehicles. The rest is new, including ETCS signaling system installation. The 1000 kW internal combustion engine allows a maximum speed of 100 km/h. It is approved for operation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.