CZ LOKO Laser Centre Opening Ceremony


The CZ LOKO Company formally implemented a new laser cutting workplace in Zamberk (CZ) on Thursday, December 3, 2015. This fully automated workplace is involved in producing driver cabs, hoods, pneumatic modules, coolers, reservoirs and other metal components for locomotives and special-purpose railway vehicles.

The Laser Centre is equipped with the Fiber Laser FCL 4020 cutting machine to cut 2 x 4 meter metal plates. The machine is fit with linear actuators and optical fibres for cutting up to 20 mm thick steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and zinc plates.
"We have created a centre with the latest technology which is to accelerate production and increase the quality of our vehicles. Manufacturing is now more efficient and, moreover, the work environment for our employees has improved considerably due to the investment of almost 14 million CZK. Perfect precision of the cuts facilitate subsequent manufacturing operations - bending, welding, sanding and painting," said Josef Barta, Chairman and Managing Director of CZ LOKO.
"I am truly happy when companies in our city are successful, especially when it is a Czech company. Each job opportunity brings the city higher credit and here we have a modern and clean workplace for highly skilled technicians and programmers. May the success of CZ LOKO continue to grow and expand with workplaces such as this," said the Zamberk mayor, Jiri Dytrt, at the opening ceremony.
The CZ LOKO Laser Cutting Centre was placed in Zamberk where its subsidiary, the Letohradske strojirny Company which has a majority stake is also located. The Machinery is engaged in repairing rolling stock in Letohrad and metal production in Zamberk. It is also involved in producing coolers, reservoirs, protective ploughs and all hoods for every product line, including any locomotive prototype since 2006.
The centre’s workload now exceeds 70%. The company is to offer any spare capacity for cooperation with other machinery companies.