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    The First EffiShunter 600 Locomotives Arrived in Turkey. They Travelled There on Tracks, Water and Road


    After a three-week trip that included rail, river and road travel, the first two of the six EffiShunter 600 locomotives arrived in Turkey in the second half of August. The trip from the CZ LOKO production plant in Jihlava to the Isdemir ironworks was free of any significant complications. The locomotives first reached the Bratislava port on their own wheels. From there, they travelled on board of a ship to Ruse, Bulgaria. Afterwards, they were loaded on a flatbed trailer and transported to the steelworks in Iskenderun, where they were handed over.

    In the largest steelworks in Turkey, they will be used for medium-heavy shunting in demanding metallurgical operations. Over the next three years, the company plans to increase production by up to 30 percent and rail transport plays an important role in this. “This strategy therefore also included a purchase of six new EffiShunter 600 locomotives. These Czech locomotives are much more efficient than the Russian and Chinese locomotives used so far,says Michal Schaffer, Head of the Sales Team of CZ LOKO responsible for EU countries and Turkey.

    The first locomotives, designated 723.710 and 711, were produced in July and passed all tests. They are equipped with a more powerful diesel engine, CAT C27 (709 kW). The main frame is mounted on bogies by means of a plain bearing, allowing the locomotive to go through bends with a minimum radius of 60 metres. The designers of CZ LOKO addressed the lower clearance profile by moving the air conditioning system to the driver’s cab and extending the external camera system. “This gives the driver a perfect view in front of the vehicle. The equipment also includes remote control that activates an optical warning system on the locomotive. Compared to the standard version, the locomotive is also fitted with a combined coupler that enables draw hook and screw coupling connection or semi-automatic SA3 connection,” adds Michal Schaffer.

    CZ LOKO exports about 60 percent of its locomotive production to 18 countries. In Turkey, its customers also include the Erdemir steelworks in Ereğli, which operate two locomotives 744.704 and 744.705. The state railways TCDD use two locomotives 741.708 and 741.709 as “rescue locomotives” in the Marmaray undersea railway tunnel for emergencies, such as an electric traction failure.

    The subsidiary CZ Logistics completely provided the transport from Jihlava to Iskenderun

    Ruse port, Bulgaria

    Firt days of operation at Isdemir steelworks