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  • 12 Belgian Locomotives Have Arrived in the Czech Republic


    The Class 12 project is proceeding successfully. This project began April 10th, 2013 when the first locomotive, entitled 1203, came to the Czech Republic.

    It was one of the twelve class 12 NMBS/SNCB locomotives, which ceded operation in Belgium four years ago. These locomotives are designed for operation on both 3 and 25 kV electrification systems, which is an ideal combination for transporters in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Over the past three years, the 1203 locomotive has undergone preparation, including testing circuit runs, in order to identify the range of repairs necessary for the planned reconstruction. This began in 2014 and resulted in a comprehensive modernisation of the traction components. At the same time, the frame, as well as the location of modules, have been adjusted. The initial continuous rating of about 3 MW should be retained, while the maximum operating speed has been reduced to 120 km /h. The reconstruction itself is quite costly. However, the resulting price of the locomotive is approximately 30 % lower in comparison to a new locomotive with the same parameters. Locomotives of this series are to be designed for operation in neighbouring countries as well, from Poland to Hungary and Slovenia and also be suitable for cross border transport. The first static testing was launched at the beginning of April 2016. Completion is scheduled for autumn of this year. Meanwhile, CZ LOKO obtained its first client for this locomotive series, which triggered reconstruction of further locomotives. Therefore, eleven locomotives termed 1201, 1202 and 1204 to 1212 were purchased from Belgium and transported to the Czech Republic. They left Stokkem, Belgium on March 4th 2016 and arrived in Ceska Trebova within three days. They then continued to Brodek near Prerov. The transportation was provided by both the RailAdventure and CZ Logistics companies. These locomotives are not only to be sold by CZ LOKO, but are also to become part of the Company's rental pool.