The new EffiShunter 600 replaces the ČKD locomotive in Čepro


The extensive rolling stock of the ČEPRO joint-stock company has been upgraded with the new EffiShunter 600 locomotive made by CZ LOKO.

“I am sure that the EffiShunter and its operation will prove very soon that ČEPRO made the right decision. Our experience shows that investing in a new vehicle, compared to a pure overhaul, offers a rate of return of just five to ten years. Given the thirty-year life cycle, this is a great result,” said Josef Gulyás, the CZ LOKO General Manager. In his opinion, increasingly more operators opt for a similar pragmatic approach to renewal and maintenance of their fleet.

With the decision to gradually, and in a comprehensive manner, upgrade the locomotive fleet operated by ČEPRO, among other to increase the logistics efficiency, we also reinforce our strategic possibilities in case of a failure in fuel supply,” added Jan Duspěva, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČEPRO, a.s., which operates in total 11 locomotives of various series on their own sidings.

The supplied EffiShunter 600 of class 723.709 features – above and beyond the standard equipment –a more powerful 709 kW Caterpillar C27 diesel engine. Its main advantage in operation consists in reduced fuel consumption as well as extended service intervals, and last but not least, improved working conditions for the operating staff. Their work is made easier, in particular, thanks to improved view, as well as the new inbuilt air-conditioning, digital control system, cruise control and remote diagnostics based on GSM and GPS technologies.

ČEPRO is an important player in the oil product market. The public knows the company, in particular, thanks to the EuroOil brand used for around 200 petrol stations operated by the company. In addition, it also has certified laboratories and its own road tank car fleet at its disposal. In addition, ČEPRO is involved in the protection of state material reserves of the Czech Republic as regards oil products. The strategic importance of the company is also reflected in the sufficient dimensioning of its distribution network. It includes over 1,200 km of pipelines and 17 fuel storage facilities in the territory of the Czech Republic, which are connected to three refineries.