Oceanogate Italia orders class 741.7


Oceanogate Italia, which provides rail transport for its parent group, the Contship Italia Group, is about to become the fifth operator of the 741.7 class locomotives in Italy. Oceanogate Italia is currently operating twelve locomotives - nine in line service and three for shunting. The order of the fourth shunting locomotive is associated with the gradual upgrade of Melzo RHM port. This terminal covering an area of more than 30 hectares has a capacity of 300,000 TEU per year. It also includes seven shunting tracks and a train set of up to 750 meters in length. At the same time, it is a key element of the so-called "Southern gate", serving to supply ground terminals in Italy, but also throughout the whole southern and central Europe.

Italy remains a strategic market for CZ LOKO in the long term point of view. In addition to the quality-price ratio itself, the company's success in this region is namely owing to representation through its own subsidiary CZ LOKO ITALIA, which provides complete full-service in the field of maintenance for customers and which is also involved in the approval of new vehicles. As a result, CZ LOKO succeeded not only with the 741.7 series, which was the result of the upgrade of older locomotives, but also with the groundbreaking new EffiShunter 1000.

The upgraded 741.7 locomotive is primarily designed for shunting, which corresponds to its hood unit type structure with a turret cab for the engine driver, providing the operator with a perfect view. The engine is powered by a Caterpillar 3508 combustion engine with the output of 1000 kW. So far, twelve of these locomotives have been delivered to four railway carriers in Italy. The largest Czech operator is ArcelorMittal with 20 units. Two locomotives also serve in Turkey.

Oceanogate Italia orders class 741.7

Class 741.7