CZ LOKO presented its core values to further the company’s prosperity


By signing a special value board at the Česká Třebová plant, CZ LOKO officially presented its most important company values – Reliability, Quality, Teamwork, Decency and Innovation. These form a binding framework of behaviour for all employees and associates. Josef Bárta, Chairman of the Board, and members of the management were the first to sign them.

The five basic values determine the direction of our dealings with customers, business partners and, last but not least, in the context of company cooperation.

“Naming and understanding the values that are important to us is essential for the further development of the company,” says Josef Bárta.

The locomotive manufacturer with main plants in Česká Třebová and Jihlava confirms that it has transformed into a modern European company in recent years. Consequently, the demands on employees, their work, behaviour and thinking are also increasing.

“We want to define the direction we are going in and encourage teamwork. If anyone feels they can't find their way, these values will give them a hint. They are not slogans, but ideas that have been with us in the company for years. We've just summarised them now and we want them to be heard. I believe that they will make sense to people," explains Jiří Kutálek, HR and Administrative Director of CZ LOKO.

He considers employees to be the key to success – or failure. He therefore believes that if they accept the company's vision as their own, they can be happier and more successful at work.