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  • EffiShunter 1000M

    The EffiShunter 1000M diesel locomotive is designed for medium-heavy shunting and track service on sidings and tracks. The locomotive is complex modernisation of the original class 740 and 742 and newly is designed as a hood unit type with a raised driver’s cab, ensuring a clear view of the surroundings. It is powered by a CAT diesel engine 3508C. The locomotive is approved for operation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. It can be ecquiped with ETCS.


    Track gauge 1 435 mm
    Meets the standards EN
    Undercarriage arrangement B0' B0'
    Maximum operating speed 100 km/h
    Minimum curve radius 80 m
    Line category B1
    Power transmission electric AC/DC
    Diesel engine CAT 3508C
    EU Stage IIIA
    Engine output 1000 kW
    Maximum towing capacity 204 kN
    Nominal weight 72 t
    Axle load 17,5 t
    Compressor output 150 m3
    Fuel tank volume 4 000 l
    Climate class -40 to +40 ºC

    Advantages and Benefits

    • high reliability
    • low operating and maintenance costs
    • electric AC/AC power transmission
    • individually powered traction motors
    • environmentally friendly operation
    • modern concept and design
    • application of unified solutions
    • high comfort and operator safety
    • excellent visibility
    • spacious and safe platforms for shunters
    • service period: 20 000 km / 2 months


    • digital control system
    • cruise control
    • online monitoring
    • multiple control
    • FLEXI-COIL suspension
    • rolling fitting of traction motors
    • air drier
    • disc brake
    • electrodynamic brake (EDB)
    • stored-energy spring-actuated parking brake
    • wheel slide protection and antiskid device

    Equipment on demand

    • remote radio control
    • camera system
    • ETCS

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    CER Cargo Holding

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