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  • Universal motor truck MUV 75

    The universal motor truck MUV 75 is designed for railway line maintenance. The vehicle is equipped with hydrostatic power transmission from the diesel engine to two powered wheelsets.


    Track gauge 1 435 mm
    Meets the standards EN
    Number of powered axles 2
    Wheelset arrangement Bo
    Maximum operating speed 75 km/h
    Minimum curve radius 90 m
    Power transmission hydrostatic
    Diesel engine CAT C4.4
    EU Stage V
    Engine output 130 kW
    Maximum towing capacity 16 kN
    Nominal weight 14,7 t
    Axle load 7,35t
    Fuel tank volume 300 l
    Cargo weight max. 5 t
    Number of seats 1+6
    Climate class -25 to +40 ºC

    Advantages and Benefits

    • high reliability
    • low operating and maintenance costs
    • environmentally friendly operation
    • modern concept and design
    • application of unified solutions
    • high comfort and operator safety
    • excellent visibility
    • service period: 1 000 km / 3 months


    • digital control system
    • cruise control
    • operating speed 2 to 10 km/h
    • air drier
    • stored-energy spring-actuated parking brake
    • disc brake

    Files to download

    MUV 75 Product Sheet

    Equipment on demand

    • hydraulic loading crane with remote control
    • rotator, hook, grab, shovel dipper, drill, etc.
    • grass mower
    • sweeper for cleaning of platforms
    • and other areas
    • snow cutter
    • snow-plough
    • storage tank superstructure
    • mobile workshop
    • trolley superstructure
    • vacuum cleaner
    • shredder
    • gravel sand plough
    • GPK measuring system etc.
    • ETCS

    A two-axle undercarriage of the vehicle consists of a wheelset with the internal seating of axle bearings and suspension. There is an individual hydraulic motor for each wheelset. The drive unit is located behind the driver’s cab and consists of the Caterpillar diesel engine and a hydraulic block of Parker components. Behind the drive unit there is a freight compartment with folding and removable sides. Under the main frame there is a fuel tank, vehicle accumulators and a pneumatic block. Protective fender elements are installed on the front of the vehicle at buffer height. Spring-loaded couplers can be installed on the vehicle. Fixtures for transport of rails with various lengths are installed on the sides of the vehicle. The vehicle offers the speed mode for driving at 0 – 75 km/h and a working speed mode at 2 –10 km/h. The vehicle is equipped with an air brake and a parking (stored-energy) brake.


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